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Explore case studies involving Allen Pump to learn more about specific examples of our services. Some examples of our applications include the following:

5,430GPM Heater Drain Pump Overhaul

IR Model 29 APKD-6
Allen Pump received a contract to overhaul an IR 29 APKD-6 Heater Drain Pump for a 1100MW Unit. The internal element removed from the pump well is driven by a 1,250HP motor, 1800RPM, 5,430GPM, 770TDH at 370F. The component observations, corrective action plan, and final documentation are included.
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Sunday – Saturday Turnkey Emergency Circulating Water

RI: Chas G. Allen received the call from the plant on Sunday to evaluate the 58,000GPM Johnston unit and found that the shaft had broken internally. As a turnkey service, CGA provided field personnel to remove the equipment on a 24/7 basis. The unit was transported to our service center, disassembled, and evaluated for a corrective action plan. The internal shaft coupling had a fracture and caused the unit to fail. A new coupling was manufacture and the pump was reinstalled at the site within six days.
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In Place Circulating Water Pump Field Repair

MA: The station was in the second week of a scheduled four-week outage when, during a routine cleaning of the intake pit, it was discovered that the outer column had numerous holes 6” in diameter, with serious erosion at the lower flange to the casing. Chas G. Allen got an urgent phone call.

The 140,000GPM unit provides cooling water to a 650Mw base-loaded, coal-fired station. This is a non-pullout style design in which the outer column was constructed in carbon steel and had deteriorated to a near catastrophic failure in the saltwater. Several years prior, the customer installed a carbon steel column from the OEM as the unit was schedule to be replaced within a few years of the last repair. Scheduling changes moved the replacement project out another eight years from the original plan.

CGA evaluated the damage and devised a corrective action plan until a new column could be fabricated. Fabrication of the new column had minimum of a six to eight week lead-time in 316SS. Due to the severe erosion and unknown actual thickness of the column, removing the unit would probably have done more damage to the other stainless components (shafting, inner columns, casing), and in-place repair was the only option. The column was dimensionally recorded and a new carbon column was fabricated in sections. A new lower flange was also constructed in sections. Prior to installation, these components were prepared by blasting to near-white metal and utilizing special primers. Extreme caution was taken to record the suction bell position prior to installing the components, and was monitored closely during the repair to correct any distortion causing misalignment of the center-line.
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